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  Statement Of The DILG On The Philippine Councilor’s League (PCL) National Election

Usec. Jonathan Malaya
DILG Spokesperson
The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is committed to the conduct of a free and honest election for the incoming set of PCL National Officers.

Under the PCL By-Laws, the DILG through the Bureau of Local Government Supervision serves as a member of the COMELEC for the PCL National Elections. As a non-partisan government agency, we help PCL ensure the integrity of the election process.

The scheduled election yesterday followed the protocol and opened on time but was faced with delays attributed to the failure of Converge IT Solutions, the contracted systems provider, to deliver a fully functioning automated election system.

Dry runs were conducted to ensure the efficiency of the vote-counting machines but subsequent concerns persisted such as vote duplication of certain registered voters, and issues on the connectivity of majority of the voting terminals. There were also various concerns on the provided voting terminals limiting the access of persons with disabilities, and even persons of poor eyesight.

Given the numerous technical issues that could not be immediately resolved, the COMELEC submitted its report to the PCL National Board who thereafter declared a failure of election.

We await the announcement of the PCL National Board on the new date of the election where the DILG, as COMELEC member, will actively participate to ensure the sanctity of the ballot and the integrity of the election process.

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