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Statement of the Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo M. Año

The DILG and the PNP welcome the case filed, a petition for prohibition, by the ACT before the Court of Appeals.

In sum, the petitioners have cited alleged violations of their members’ right to association, right to assembly and to petition the government for redress of grievances, freedom of expression and most especially their members’ right to privacy.

I wish to emphasize that the PNP has done nothing to violate any of the rights mentioned in the petition. In fact, allegations of a police crackdown on ACT is absolutely devoid of basis or evidence and is merely a propaganda ploy to earn precious media mileage ahead of the partylist elections in May.

We must be reminded that intelligence gathering is a task routinely done by law enforcement officers all over the world as part of their mandate and it was CPP founder Joma Sison himself who identified the front organizations of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

The PNP will be guilty of dereliction of duty and negligence if it were to do nothing about Sison's admission that is making the rounds of social media.

With this, we maintain that, as stated by the Supreme Court in several of its decisions, that the right to privacy is not absolute and may nevertheless succumb to an overriding state interest deemed legitimate and compelling.

As the President has vowed to put an end to the communist armed conflict fueled by an irrelevant and politically and intellectually bankrupt ideology that has already claimed countless lives and property, the DILG and PNP shall continue to religiously fulfill its duty to maintain peace and order and to take all necessary steps to ensure public safety within the bounds of law. ###


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