DILG praises Manila City Government for declaring vandals persona non-grata

The Department of the Interior and Local Government praised the City Government of Manila for passing a council resolution declaring the vandalism group Panday Sining as persona non grata and urges the group to instead focus its energies to help government clean up Metro Manila.

“We congratulate the City of Manila for this clear signal to everyone that it will not further tolerate the defacement of the capital city. It’s time we help government and that begins by disciplining ourselves. #DisiplinaMuna po. Change starts with us,” said DILG Spokersperson and Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya.

He said that it took 15 years before the local government was finally able to clean the Lagusnilad underpass and many other places to make it more accessible and comfortable to walk through for commuters and yet it took the vandals less than 1 minute to deface public places.

He slammed the use of Panday Sining of the word “protest art” to describe their actions. “What do they spray paint on walls and public places? ‘Join the NPA!’ That is not protest art. That is calling for armed rebellion against the government. That’s advocating anarchy. In truth, these groups are calling for anarchy,” he explained.

The DILG and the City Government of Manila has partnered together in support of the #DisiplinaMuna campaign of the DILG. Mayor Isko Moreno and Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro have been named by the DILG as the first #DisiplinaMuna Ambassadors among local chief executives.

“We need to return the culture of discipline in our country, this lack of discipline, this lack of respect for order, lack of respect to our laws are the primary reasons why we have not fully advanced as a nation. In calling for national discipline, we are appealing to our countrymen’s sense of patriotism and love of country,” he said.

He said that the order of Secretary Eduardo Año to the Philippine National Police is clear. “Secretary Año said that vandals are violating the law and they should be made to face the consequence of their actions. They will have their day in court and they will be made accountable for their actions,” he said.

He said that Año’s order applies to all groups – whether rightists, centrists or leftists. “This is a non-political or apolitical directive by the Secretary. We live in a democracy. There are many avenues for them to express their opposition. For instance, social media is free and unregulated. They can conduct protest rallies. But the moment they deface public places, they are now violating the law. We must draw a line. Otherwise that is no longer democracy. That’s now anarchy.”

He said that by advocating unbridled protest activities, Panday Sining is in reality advocating not freedom but anarchy which the public will never support. “The government and the public are behind the City Government of Manila. You are doing the right thing.”

Original Article at: https://dilg.gov.ph/news/DILG-praises-Manila-City-Government-for-declaring-vandals-persona-non-grata/NC-2019-1302

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