DILG pushes for bill institutionalizing anti-drug abuse councils nationwide

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) is pushing for the passage of law that seeks to create and institutionalize anti-drug abuse councils (ADACs) in all provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays nationwide.

DILG Secretary Eduardo M. Año said that once the bill is passed into law, all local government units (LGUs) will be required to continue the government’s campaign against illegal drugs even after the changing of administration come 2022.

Año says the proposed law also seeks to forge closer working collaborations with various anti-drug initiatives among the DILG, Philippine National Police, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Health, and Department of Social Welfare and Development even beyond the changing of guards under the Duterte administration.

“Sa panukalang batas na ito ay maipagpapatuloy natin ang kampanya laban sa salot ng droga sapamamagitan ng pagtatag ng mga ADACs sa tulong ng mga lokal na pamahalaan kahit tapos na ang termino ni Pangulong Duterte,” Año said.

“By institutionalizing the anti-drug abuse councils (ADACs), we are demonstrating the country’s resolve in our national quest for a unified involvement of various government and non-government agencies in confronting the problem of illegal drugs,” he added.

The proposed bill drafted by the DILG through the Office of Undersecretary for External and Legislative Affairs seeks to institutionalize the ADACs in all LGUs, appropriate funds, and ensure functionality of ADACs.

Año thanked Sec. Adelino Sitoy of the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office for submitting the proposed bill to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte expressing confidence that it will form part of the President’s priority bills.

Under the proposed ADAC bill, all LGUs shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

* Activate, strengthen, and ensure functionality of their respective ADAC;
* Approve a Comprehensive Local Anti-Drug Plan of Action (LADPA) to eliminate drug affectation with targets per quarter.
* Appropriate a substantial amount of funds not lower than two percent (2%) of the annual appropriations for anti-illegal drugs-related programs, activities, and operations; and
* Create at least two plantilla positions for Anti-Drug Abuse office in all LGUs except barangays.

ADAC Councils composition

Meanwhile, DILG Undersecretary for External and Legislative Affairs Ricojudge Janvier M. Echiverri said that the ADAC will be headed by their respective Local Chief Executives (LCEs) and will be composed of representatives from the LGUs, academe, non-government organizations/civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, and Philippine National Police (PNP).

“With the institution of ADAC, good performing LGUs will be given recognition while low performing LGUs or those who failed to organize their respective ADACs will be subjected to appropriate administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings,” Echiverri said.

At the barangay level, the BADAC shall conduct basic drug prevention and control seminars, organize house clusters, establish BADAC desk, implement support projects for drug surrenderers and their families, and coordinate with the concerned local and national government offices for reports submission and assistance in drug clearing operations.

At the municipal and city levels, the M/CADACs are tasked to establish one-stop-shop facilities for the assessment, interviewing, counselling, referral and/or processing of applications for confinement on cases of heavy affectations.

The M/CADACs are also responsible for the provision of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Programs (CBDRP) and advocacy and/or prevention seminars.

At the provincial level, the PADACs shall ensure the functionality of lower ADACs, establish and operate Special Drug Education Center for out of school youth and street children, and provide support for the operation of the CBDRPs at the municipal and city levels.

Original Article at: https://dilg.gov.ph/news/DILG-pushes-for-bill-institutionalizing-anti-drug-abuse-councils-nationwide/NC-2019-1311

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