Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS)


The LGPMS serves as a robust on-line national information system on local governments. It generates information that are useful in policy and program development, both at the local and national government levels.

  • LGPMS as a self-assessment tool - the LGPMS has the ability to assess performance and state of development, using sets of questions (indicators). It is called self-assessment since respondents are local government officials and functionaries themselves. An artificial intelligence on the interpretation of results is embedded in the system.  As an assessment tool, a benchmark and a scaling system are used to measure performance and state of development. Two benchmarks are used: External Benchmark and Internal Benchmark. External benchmark is utilized to compare and appraise local government performance and state of development based on standards, national average or targets. On the other hand, Internal Benchmark is used to evaluate current year performance as compared to performance in  previous years.
  • LGPMS as a survey tool - the LGPMS is a survey tool with the main purpose to gather raw data from local governments, with the analysis done manually. This means that no analysis or artificial intelligence is integrated in the system for a particular survey and purpose. The LGPMS is capable of conducting multiple surveys in one year.  This opens a venue where other required data of the DILG or of other national government agencies such as the Department of Health and the Department of Tourism, which are not covered by the LGPMS indicators, can be gathered through the LGPMS web-database system.

LGPMS is for:

  • LGUs – to monitor their performance and to assess their state of development for the purpose of influencing local and national decisions or actions essential in the provision of quality basic services to the constituents, and in addressing development gaps in the locality.
  • DILG -   to link the information generated from the system to Department plans and programs that impact on local governments as it pursues its mandate of supporting the capacity development of LGUs towards self-governance, and development and its administrative oversight role in advancing in the interest of public accountability.
  • Other Users (i.e.,other National Government Agencies (NGAs), Development Institutions, Investors, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Academe and the General Public - to facilitate research and the pulling of information about local governments as inputs to development studies, policy or project development.

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