Barangay Governance Performance Management System


BGPMS is an assessment tool for barangays that measures the effective delivery of services and accomplishments in the performance of their function as mandated in the 1991 Local Government Code and other related issuances. BGPMS provides a clear picture of the performance and productivity level of barangays in the areas of Governance, Administration, Social Services, Economic Development and Environmental Management.

The said measurement/evaluation instrument will identify and determine the presence and absence of: (a) barangay compliance to laws and presidential directives; (b) facilities and equipment; (c) managerial and administrative capacities of barangay officials; and (d) programs and project being implemented and thereby also reflecting the barangays’  capacity and limitations in the five (5) performance areas. It shall also serve as guide for the higher local government units, the national government and other service providers to determine the kind of policy and program intervention the barangay needs.

Finally, BGPMS encourages the barangay to improve its performance and productivity, thus, leading to a better quality of life for its residents.


  • Serve as the basis for the national government and policymakers in formulating policy that would rationalize assistance to barangays;
  • Apprise the city or municipal government of the present state or level of performance of its component barangays and thus be guided in the formulation of integrated policies, plans and programs that would lead to the barangay’s efficient delivery of basic services and effective discharge of its functions and responsibilities;
  • Provide the city and municipal government with vital data/inputs in the accomplishments of the data requirements of their own LGPMS;
  • Raise awareness of the barangay government and barangay officials on their state or level of performance viz-a viz the following:
    • benchmark information/data generated necessary for the preparation of plans and budget as well as crucial in the assessment of their skills and training needs; and
    • identified presence or absence of services and facilities which serve as guide in enhancing the delivery of services to their constituents
  • Promote transparency and accountability in barangay governance through compliance to laws and other issuances.

LGPMS is for:

  • LGUs – to monitor their performance and to assess their state of development for the purpose of influencing local and national decisions or actions essential in the provision of quality basic services to the constituents, and in addressing development gaps in the locality.
  • DILG -   to link the information generated from the system to Department plans and programs that impact on local governments as it pursues its mandate of supporting the capacity development of LGU's towards self-governance, and development and its administrative oversight role in advancing in the interest of public accountability.
  • Other Users, i.e.,other national government agencies, development institutions, investors, NGOs, academe and the general public - to facilitate research and the pulling of information about local governments as inputs to development studies, policy or project development.

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